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Will your customers be on Credit Hound’s nice list this Christmas?

With the wind-down to Christmas underway, less staff in the office and many companies closing over the festive period, all these factors undoubtedly have a knock-on effect on late payments. This all adds to the £31.3 billion that Bacs research has found is currently owed in late payments to both large and small UK businesses.

If you use Credit Hound, the good news is that your advanced credit control software will have helped you to keep on top of payments, and hopefully stopped your customers using Christmas as an excuse to exceed their payment terms.

From when the pre-emptive reminder landed in your customer’s inbox or on their desk, they will have been made aware of when their payment to you was due. If that didn’t remind them to pay their invoice, then depending on your reminder letter schedule, Credit Hound will be working hard to remind your customers that the clock is ticking and their invoice is overdue.

Just like Santa’s little helper, Credit Hound has been helping you to keep track of who owes you money, who has promised payments and which invoices are being disputed. As you cross off the days left until Christmas, you will be using your calendar reminders to keep your calls on schedule to ensure your promised payments and disputes are resolved in time.

At the very least, you can enjoy this Christmas knowing that Credit Hound has helped to keep your business’ cash flow healthy and made sure your customers stay on Santa’s nice list.

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