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Spindle Self Serve launched

Spindle Self Serve launched

Draycir is pleased to announce the latest addition to Draycir’s range of document management and credit control solutions, Spindle Self Serve. It’s yet another way to help businesses to increase customer satisfaction, automate document management processes and work more efficiently.

Using self-service tools as a way for customers to help themselves is becoming more common-place. With greater convenience to the customer, it can enhance your customer service levels. So when you've nipped to the supermarket and used the self-service checkout for speediness, it’s the same reason you may prefer to search online for information. In fact, a recent survey has found that over 70% of consumers search online first when they have questions for a company (nuance.com).

So instead of making a phone call or sending an email to request yet another copy invoice or query a transaction, your customer could be answering their own questions - saving their own time as well as yours.

Spindle Self Serve integrates with Sage 200 to provide an online portal for your employees and customers to access real-time financial and accounting information.

Here’s just some of the benefits it can bring to both your business and your customers.

Benefits to your company Benefits to your customers

Improve staff productivity 

  • Reduce time spent dealing with customer admin queries
  • Orders inputted directly into Sage.

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Always open for business.
  • Customers can help themselves to what they need.

Enhanced company image

  • Customisable and branded portal.
  • In-system pop up messages for customer promotions

Easy to use

  • Clean and simple dashboard view.
  • Easy access via a computer or tablet .

Access for internal users

  • No need for Sage access for non-accounting staff.
  • Remote access 

Fast access to information

  • Less time wasted on making phone calls.
  • Instantly get copy invoices and other documents.















Integration with Draycir’s Spindle Document Management solution allows documents that have been sent to the customer to be viewed within Spindle Self Serve. Further enhancements to meet individual business requirements can be made possible with the addition of add-on modules, including the internal and external stock level and place order modules.

Over 7,000 companies worldwide have benefited from using Draycir products to streamline and automate their document management and credit control processes.

To find out more about how your business could benefit from Sage 200 integrated online portal, contact Draycir or your Sage IT Partner.

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