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The future of document capture is mobile

The future of document capture is mobile

If you travel regularly in your job, how do you manage all the paperwork that accumulates as you go about your daily work? If you work from home, do you ever need to scan an important document or send a document to a colleague for processing? Or if you’re a delivery driver out and about delivering goods to customers, how do you keep delivery notes in good order? How do you record evidence of damaged/faulty goods reported to you? 

At some point, your paperwork needs to make its way into the office to be processed and filed away.  Inevitably this causes a delay in it being dealt with as it depends on when the documents arrive in the post or when you have time to pop into the office.

Recent InfoTrends data suggests that 68 percent of IT decision makers believe that using mobile devices to capture documents will significantly increase over the next three years. So it looks like mobile document capture will soon be one of your key document management tools to help you organise your documents on the go and has a number of clear benefits:

  • You can take a picture of all the important documents you gather throughout your day – sales orders, delivery notes, business cards, legal contracts, photographic evidence of damaged/faulty goods.
  • It’s easy to use and always with you - your device’s camera is more than good enough to capture a good quality image of documents and other items.

  • You will no longer need to sift through the piles of paperwork stuffed into your briefcase when you do eventually make it into the office.

  • Your colleagues in the office can instantly receive your captured documents instead of waiting for physical copies.

Instantly capturing key business information and documents whilst you’re on the move can help to speed up business workflows and has the flexibility to be used in so many different scenarios.

The Spindle Document Capture app is available for iOS and Android devices and allows mobile users to quickly and easily capture documents with their mobile device. Documents can then be sent to Spindle Document Capture’s pending tray to be picked up by colleagues to be processed and archived against transactions in Sage 200. For more information, visit www.draycir.com/spindledocumentcapture/mobilecapture


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