Electronic Document Capture

Your quick reference guide
to Spindle Document Capture.

Spindle Document Management Features

SPINDLE DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION (formerly known as Spindle Professional)

Intelligent document distribution to automatically:

  • Send documents via email, to a printer and even via fax
  • Specify contact information extracted from ERP or accounting system such as contact name, address, email address etc.
  • Select stationery type using ERP or accounting system data (product, location, analysis code, dimension code etc.) to create desired templates
  • Archive documents into SharePoint, CRM or to a local network
  • Add additional email recipients automatically

Batch email distribution

  • Email any document to any stakeholder (e.g. invoices, statements, remittance orders, sales order acknowledgements)
  • Send unlimited documents (as batches or individually) to any address by email
  • Attach relevant documents (e.g. statements, promotions, pricelists)
  • Store draft emails before sending or send emails directly from the user's mailbox without having to be reviewed in the Drafts folder in Outlook
  • Support multiple email platforms (Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, SMTP, MAPI and Gmail and Yahoo!) using SSL through SMTP
  • Sender's email address can be customised to ensure emails are sent from a central email address, for example accounts@company.com

HTML Email Designer

  • Produce HTML compatible email
  • Personalise customer communication using data extracted from ERP

Batch print distribution

  • Print and collate documents to different printers, trays or stationery
  • Print multi-part print copies without the need for duplex stationery
  • Automatically re-order printed pages within a document run
  • If you are still using multipart stationery for invoice, dispatch note and proof of delivery, Spindle Document Distribution can automatically print three copies to three individual print trays whilst collating the documents for dispatch, saving you time

Fax distribution (individual and batch)

  • Fax documents as alternative to email
  • Optimise stationery in mono

Form Designer

  • Edit plain text backdrops to full colour design and incorporate full branding
  • Add additional pages to documents
  • Change language files and attachments
  • Extract data from ERP or accounting system and add to document

Batch archiving

Automatically archive to different locations, either individually or in batches

  • Network uses ERP or accounting system data to name file/folder
  • CRM archiving uses ERP or accounting system data to index into CRM and link document with an account record. Is fully searchable and accessible by non-ERP users
  • SharePoint archiving uses ERP or accounting system data to index document into SharePoint library. Is fully searchable and accessible by non-ERP users

Document security

  • PDF password protect sensitive documents individually or in batches
  • 256 bit PDF document encryption
  • Apply digital signatures to any document using advanced Adobe CDS Digital ID from GlobalSign, click here for more information about Document Signing and eSignature Laws

Bar coding (for warehouse order picking)

  • Generate barcodes and insert onto for documents


Seamless integration to your ERP to capture, archive and retrieve documents allows you to:

  • Process a variety of incoming documents including:
    • sales orders
    • purchase orders
    • invoices
    • delivery notes
    • goods received notes
    • expenses
    • remittance advices
    • credit notes
    • nominal ledger entries
  • Capture and archive documents from either a file, scan or from the pending tray.
  • Link associated data from ERP to each document such as company name, account reference, account name, order no, order date etc when captured by the pending tray.
  • Link to ERP entry using a barcode. Simply enter order, print barcode label and place on the associated document. When scanned, it will automatically link to the correct entry.
  • View all associated documents directly in Nominal Ledger using the Document Preview button

Batch scanning

Scan documents individually or in batches using a barcode. A barcode is added to the first page of a multi-page document to indicate the beginning of a new document. Spindle Document Capture will split the document when it finds a unique barcode id.

Quick document viewing within ERP

 View documents instantly including:

  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Stock Control
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Project Accounting

Advanced document search

Allows any employee to search and retrieve documents outside of ERP using the Document Search tool, including:

  • Document number
  • Transaction type
  • Date
  • Member of staff
  • Reference number
  • Project code
  • Nominal code
  • and more…

Pending Tray

  • Holds incoming documents ready for archiving
  • Allows non-ERP users to scan and prepare documents for filing

Mobile capture

  • Instantly capture documents and images from an Apple device (iPhone or iPod touch)
  • Upload to the Pending Tray using a wi-fi/ 3G/ 4G connection

Spindle Document Distribution integration

  • Instantly archive all outgoing documents such as invoices, statements, despatch notes, etc.
  • Link documents to the relevant entry by barcode when they are returned and automatically archive them against the correct job. For example, incoming signed despatch notes.
  • Send invoices to clients and automatically attach archived, signed delivery notes.

Capture and access all file types

  • Attach any file type to documentation, transactions or accounts such as excel spreadsheets, emails or photos of delivered goods or completed services.


  • Use Spindle Document Capture API to add capture and retrieval functionality to third party applications



Supported email solutions

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 to 2016
  • Gmail and Yahoo! using SSL through SMTP
  • Tobit David 6.6 / David XL / David Zehn
  • MAPI compliant software
  • SMTP compliant mail server
  • Lotus Notes 6,7,8
  • IBM Notes V9

Supported archive solutions

  • Sage CRM 7.3, 2017 R1, 2017 R2, 2017 R3
  • PDF
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Invu Professional Series

Supported fax solutions

  • Tobit FaxWare V6/V7/Zehn
  • Microsoft Windows Fax & Scan
  • GFi FAXmaker V10 to V14
  • Equisys Zetafax

Sage 50 Accounts compatibility

  • Sage 50 (V24)
  • Sage 50 2016
  • Sage 50 2015
  • Sage 50 2014
  • Sage 50 2013
  • Sage 50 2012
  • Sage 50 2011
  • Sage 50 2010
  • Sage 50 2009
  • Sage 50 2008
  • Sage Line 50 V6 to 2011

Sage 200 compatibility

  • Sage 200c (2017)
  • Sage 200 2016 Standard Online
  • Sage 200 2016 Extra Online
  • Sage 200 2016 Extra On-premise
  • Sage 200 2015 Standard Online
  • Sage 200 2015 Extra Online
  • Sage 200 2015 Extra On-premise
  • Sage 200 2013 Online
  • Sage 200 2013 
  • Sage 200 2011
  • Sage 200 2010
  • Sage 200 2009 SP1
  • Sage 200 2009
  • Sage 200 version 5
  • Sage 200 version 4.1
  • Sage 200 version 4
  • Sage MMS version 3.5
  • Sage Line 100 V8

Sage 300 compatibility

  • Sage 300 ERP 2017
  • Sage 300 ERP 2014 (V6.2)
  • Sage 300 ERP 2012 (V6.1)
  • Sage ERP Accpac V6.0
  • Sage Accpac ERP V5.4 to V5.6
  • Accpac Advantage Series V5.3

Sage X3 compatibility

  • Sage X3 Product Update 9
  • Sage X3 version 8
  • Sage X3 version 7
  • Sage X3 version 6
  • Sage X3 version 5
  • Sage X3 version 4 (named V140)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV compatibility

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0
  • Microsoft Business Solutions NAV 4.00

Microsoft Dynamics GP compatibility

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0

Infor SunSystems compatibility

  • SunSystems 6
  • SunSystems 5
  • SunSystems 4

SAP Business One compatibility

  • SAP Business One 9.1
  • SAP Business One 9.0
  • SAP Business One 8.82
  • SAP Business One 8.81
  • SAP Business One 8.8
  • SAP Business One 2007
  • SAP Business One 2005
  • SAP Business One 2004
  • Pegasus Opera II
  • Access Accounts
  • Sage Office Line Evolution

Other applications that have been tested and approved to work with Spindle Document Distribution include:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) 365
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) 2003 to 2016
  • Sage Payroll V8 to V11
  • Sage Job Costing V8
  • Crystal Reports V9 to V11
  • ACT! V6
  • ACT! 2007 to 2013
  • SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)


Sage 200 compatibility

  • Sage 200c (2017)
  • Sage 200 2016 Extra On-premise and Online
  • Sage 200 2015 Extra On-premise and Online
  • Sage 200 2013 Extra On-premise and Online
  • Sage 200 2011
  • Sage 200 2010


Spindle Document Capture works with a range of scanners available on the market. The following scanners are recommended:

  Model Monochrome Speed (300 dpi) Colour Speed (200 dpi) Feeder Suggested Daily Volume (scans) Connectivity
Low volume scanner: Canon DR-C225 25ppm 25ppm ADF - 30 Sheets 1,500 USB 2.0
Medium volume scanner: Canon DR-C240 45ppm 30ppm ADF - 60 sheets 4,000 USB 2.0
High volume scanner: Canon DR-M160II 60ppm 60ppm ADF - 60 sheets 7,000 USB 2.0

Barcode printer compatibility

Tested with Spindle Document Capture

Label printer Speed Method Connectivity
Zebra GK420d up to 5" (127 mm) per second direct thermal/thermal transfer USB, parallel, serial, Wired and Wireless Ethernet
Dymo LabelWriter 330 Turbo up to 32 labels a minute direct thermal USB or Serial port
Dymo LabelWriter 450 up to 51 labels a minute direct thermal USB

Untested with Spindle Document Capture

Label printer Speed Method Connectivity
Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo up to 71 labels a minute direct thermal USB


Server requirements 

  • 1 Ghz Intel-compatible processor
  • 4 GB of memory
  • 3 GB free disk space
  • Internet Explorer 9 or above
  • SQL Server 2008 or above
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) v7 or greater (IIS v7.0 and v7.5 will require the following hotfix to be applied - KB980368.)
  • IIS and ASP.NET Modules - setup instructions
  • Windows Authentication role service to be able to use Windows Authentication on IIS - setup instructions

Client requirements 

  • 1 Ghz Intel-compatible processor
  • 2 GB of memory
  • 4 GB free disk space
  • Internet Explorer 9 or above

Scanner requirements (for Spindle Document Capture only)

A 32-bit TWAIN scanner driver is required for the particular Windows Operating System in order to scan documents using the scan button within Spindle Document Capture. For clients using Terminal Services a TWAIN 32 scanner driver specifically for Windows Server is required.

If you are using a scanner without a 32-bit TWAIN scanner driver, the scanner will need to be able to scan to a folder location or sent as an attachment to an email address. 

Archive requirements (for Spindle Document Capture only)

Sufficient disk space is required for your document archive. File sizes will vary depending on the type of document and its content.